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The very first machine to run as was a file server at TIAC called. It had two external 4 gig scsi drives, and at some point after being Thirteen one of those drives exploded, taking all kinds of backups with it. More experienced geeks might have taken this as a warning.

Shortly before zugzug's demise, we ordered a Cyrix 200mhz minitower (from where, we can't remember) with 64 megs of ram and what we think was a 4-gig IDE drive that became the first It ran RedHat 4.2, I think.

At 3:45pm on March 17, 1998, Thirteen received its very first email shortly after going live on TIAC's public, routable office network.

We've gone from that simple under-desk shell server offering email & telnet access to a dual quad-core processor machine with 16 gigs RAM and nearly two terabytes of storage providing a full range of hosting services to artists, musicians, developers, and friendly dorks all over the world.

Thanks for a great eighteen years.

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